Other Cleaning Methods

Other cleaning methods

1st GENERATION (traditional) carpet cleaning method/technology;

  1. Soak carpet with lots of water (to prevent overheating, as the spinning speed of the auto-scrubber is between  1,200 to 1,600 rounds per minute RPM)
  2. Apply shampoo/chemical
  3. Scrub using a single disc, on top of already flattened carpet fibre
  4. Extract water using extractor/wet vacuum
  5. Finally, use blower to dry for a few days !
  6. Service fee - Most expensive due to multiple processes !

2nd GENERATION cleaning method / technology;

  1. Shampoo/wet carpet & extract simultaneously
  2. Some machines come with steaming feature but temperature is usually less than 100 degrees Celsius, so as not to burn the carpet fibre.
  3. Drying time is usually several hours
  4. Most commonly used in the market !
  5. Service fee – Cheapest as machine & labour cost is the lowest!