Singapore based company using the latest 3rd GENERATION carpet shampoo/cleaning machine & technology from Europe !

Shampoo, scrub & extract in a single pass !

Very effective in stain, dust, dirt & soil removal.

Service fee is competitive, cost-effective, & affordable !

What is 3rd Generation technology & how it works ?

Usually, carpet is only dirty on the surface. Therefore, it is not necessary to soak the carpet with too much water (1st Generation). Because when the carpet is too wet, it creates other problems like ;


  • Foul smell – even though the surface of the carpet dries, the ground level is still wet. The stench will only go away after the carpet is completely dry, usually a few days later !

  • Damaged glue – glue works well when it’s dry, too much wetness causes the glue to give way. “air bubble” will be formed when the carpet is not glued to the ground. Replacement is needed for serious cases !

  • Damaged furniture – furniture, especially made of wood absorb water.


With the 3rd Generation cleaning machine we have acquired for our clients in Singapore, it uses only 10% of what the 1st Generation machine used, GREEN ! Only uses enough water for intended cleaning purpose. Spray shampoo/chemical onto the carpet, upwards scrubbing at the same time & extract dirt immediately from the carpet surface. Very efficient ! No excessive use of water, faster drying time & carpet fibre friendly. Carpet shall dry in a few hour’s time under aircon. Otherwise overnight. Don’t need blower to dry for a few days !

To complete the cleaning process, we apply antibacterial sanitiser & deodorizer to the carpet, suitable for childcare centres & offices.

Due to the fact that the machine is costly, not many cleaning company is willing to use it. However, we understand the needs of our clients, we invest in the latest technology !

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