What makes the carpet dirty?

Usually, dirty carpet is caused by the dirt brought in by the shoes, from outside the office.

Why is office carpet shampoo/cleaning necessary?

In a typical office environment, the air condition system is making the air circulates.

While the aircon filter attracts the light dust in the ceiling, heavy dust/dirt will be accumulated on the carpet.

How about the not-light / not-heavy dust? Well, they will be filtered by the LUNGS!

Can I use the vacuum machine to extract the dust from the carpet?

Yes, dust or larger particles on of the carpet can be easily removed by the vacuum machine. But not those that are deep in the carpet, due to constant stepping by foot traffic.

Usually how often do we clean the aircon filters?

Usually every two to three months.

How often should the carpet shampoo and cleaning be done?

Well, it depends on the office population as well as the foot traffic in the office.

We recommend carpet shampoo/cleaning ;

Every month – For clinics, pubs, KTV, busy reception area, etc.

Every 2 months – For Jackpot rooms, restaurants, childcare centers, GYM, etc.

Every 3 months – For crowded offices, heavy foot traffic places

Every 6-months – For common office without heavy visitor traffic.

Yearly – For offices that use internal footwear

With so many types of cleaning machines in the market, which is the most suitable machine to use?

Well, it depends on the type of carpet material you have & the frequency of your cleaning schedule. It’s best to ask our specialist for advice.